Open Positions for Research Professor Series, Postdoctoral Researcher and Research Assistant

1. Job Openings

(1) Position Type: Research Professor series (Research Professor/ Research Associate Professor/Research Assistant Professor) in Theoretical Calculation.

Job description: Independently conduct research on theoretical calculation and supervise graduate students and other lab members; assist with laboratory management.


1) PhD degree in theoretical chemistry, organic chemistry or chemistry. The candidate should be able to apply the theoretical calculations to explore reaction pathways, reveal the determinants of reaction activity and selectivity, facilitate the design of new efficient catalysts and discovery of new reactions.    

2) Strong interested in theoretical calculation and organic synthesis; Demonstrate passion and commitment towards research work; and be able to independently implement research.

3) Excellent English-speaking skills and manuscript writing skills; Excellent communication skills and ability to work effectively in a highly collaborative research environment.

4) Over three-years previous postdoc experience is required for the application of Research Professor/ Research Associate Professor position.

(2) Position Type: Postdoctoral Researchers in Catalytic Organic Chemistry.

Job description: Independently conduct research on catalytic organic chemistry.


1) PhD in organic chemistry or medicinal chemistry with good research experience on asymmetric catalysis, organic synthesis methodology or total synthesis of natural products.

2) Excellent knowledge and experimental skills of synthetic organic chemistry;Excellent ability to conduct effective independent research, develop new ideas, create solutions; Excellent oral and written communication skills (English).

3) Excellent communication skills and ability to work effectively in a highly collaborative research environment.

(3) Position Type: Research Assistant

Job description: Assist with lab member’s projects and the laboratory operation. (The research assistant with outstanding work performance can join in the doctoral programme)


1) Bachelor/Master Degree in organic chemistry or medicinal chemistry and have received systematic and strict organic synthesis experiment skill training.

2) Good knowledge of synthetic organic chemistry and independent thinking skills; Good oral and written communication skills in English.

3) Excellent bilingual communication skills, demonstrate passion and commitment towards research work, and good ability to work effectively in a highly collaborative research environment.

2. Compensation and Benefits

The research team offers an internationally competitive compensation package commensurate with the selected candidate’s qualifications and experience basing the relevant regulations of Westlake University. The selected candidates will enjoy the Chinese social security system with 5 mandatory insurance schemes (pension fund, medical insurance, industrial injury insurance, unemployment insurance, and maternity insurance) and a housing fund (only applicable to Chinese employees), as well as the other relevant benefits from Westlake University. Applications for relevant projects and programs will be encouraged and supported.

For postdoctoral fellow who selected for China Postdoctoral Science Foundation or Advanced Programs of Zhejiang Province will be entitled to receive the same amount funds from the Hangzhou government.

For postdoctoral fellow who full-time work in Hangzhou after completing their post-doc research will be eligible for applying allowance of 400,000RMB from the Hangzhou government.

3. How to Apply

These positions are due to commence as soon as possible.

To apply, please send the following documents in English as a PDF file to (, and indicate applied position in the email subject as (position name_candidate name).

1) Resume including education background, work experience, and academic achievement, etc.;  

2) Cover letter describing your projects, research interests and proposal and career goals;

3) Two or three reference letters (please include contact information);

4) Representative research articles (if available) and other supportive documents.

After assessing your application, we will arrange an interview for the selected candidates by phone or email. We are regret to priorly inform that the candidates could stop waiting if you didn’t get any feedback after 3 months post-submission. Due to limited reception capacity, a personal visiting is not available.

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